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Why honey lasts forever

Good day ladies and gentlemen, I this article I will be telling you why honey last forever.

Only handful of food products are impervous to spoilage - dried rice, salt, sugar. But even among those, honey is unique in that it remains edible without any preparation necessary. It's like this: if you came across honey an Egyptian tomb, as archeologist have, you could taste it and never guess it was thousands of years old.

Smithsonian magazine has broken the science behind this and it comes down to three presence of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. These properties, when they work in tandem, are the perfect recipe for an eternal shelf life.

The magic three: why honey last forever

Honey's high acid content renders it Imhospitable for bacteria that occupied with honey lack of moisture, leaves virtually no room for bacteria to set up camp.

Bee physiology is entirely responsible for the final component, hydrogen peroxide. When bees digs the nectar of flowere an enzmes in the stomachs, glucose oxidase, converts the nectar into antibacterial properties which is why honey has been prized for medicals properties antiquity.

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