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Three ailments you didn't know mustard seeds can solve

Mustard seed is a pure natural seed as a gift from God to humans, it is the most nutritious food for our general well being and even Jesus called it a great herb in the book of Matthew chapter 13 vs 31-24.

It is the most tiny seed in the world and the tree producing it is the tallest and biggest in the world. It's not a product from a company.

Did you know you can save money by using the seed to cure the most stubborn sickness in which you could have spent thousands of naira to cure?

Here are aliments that you didn't know you could use mustard seed for:

1. Rashes, dandruff and hair breakage: For this, grind the seed and mix it with your body cream or hair cream.

2. Diabetes: Chew little quantities of the seed three times daily for 25 days.

3. Typhoid, malaria and yellow fever: Chew some quantities of the seed and drink water. Grind a little quantity and mix it with 24cl of lime juice. Take two tablespoon twice daily for seven days.

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