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People react as Nigerian man shares photos of the starch and Banga soup he prepared

A Nigerian man with the name "Effizy code" has come on Facebook to share photos of the delicious Banga soup he prepared.

Banga soup is a popular dish eaten by a lot of Igbo people in Nigeria. It's popularly known as "Ofe akwu" in Igbo. It can be prepared during occasions like weddings, naming ceremony, birthdays etc. It can be consumed with Rice, Eba, Fufu, Semovita or even Yam.

Some westerners also consume the delicious meal.

He shared the photos on the popular African Food Recipes group on Facebook. It's a group with millions of followers where people share what they cooked.

The man prepared the Banga soup using various ingredients like Palm kernel which he pounded, pepper, Catfish, chicken and various spices.

The photos he shared has gone viral with almost a thousand comments on the post.

It shows that we still have a lot of men out there who can cook better than some women.

Women like getting married to such men as it makes them feel special and also make things easier for them.

See photos of the delicious meal that Mr Effizy Prepared and shared on Facebook

Below is a screenshot of the post he made on the African Food Recipes group on Facebook

A lot of people have reacted to these photos and have praised him for his cooking skills.

Some ladies are asking him to come and marry them.

Some are asking him if the only thing he knows how to do is cook.

Below are screenshots of people's reactions to the photos of the food he prepared

What's your opinion about this? Do you think he's a good cook?

Also drop a word of encouragement for him below and feel free to share.


African Food Recipes group on Facebook

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Banga Fufu Igbo Ofe akwu Rice


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