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Rinu Sparks Conversations After Saying The Only Food One Can Buy With N1000 Is Food For Thought

One of the EndSARS conveners Rinu Oduala has sparked an interesting conversations on Twitter after saying the only food one can buy with 1000 naira is food for thought and further went to ask what 1000 naira can possibly buy in the country presently.

By now, every body both adults and children knows that the cost of food and food stuffs in the market has risen. It's as if everyday one wakes up to face and hustle for the day, the costs of food increases with it.

The commonest food, Garri, that can be easily sources by the poor has now become a luxury as a paint of Garri is now being sold at the prices of 1200,1500 depending on the seller and how he or she bought. A paint of beans is also sold at 1400 if not more, a cup of local rice is sold at 100 naira, a paint of flour is at 1200. A kilo of turkey is at about 1000 if not more, then life chicken depending on the breed is from 2000-5000 naira.Bags of rice wether foreign or local is still on the high side.

A Nigerian Food MarketSome beverages such as milk, cereals , sardines has also reduced in size and the price increased as well.The reason for this continuous aggressive increase in food stuffs may be attributed to the presence of insecurity in the country.

Farmers are scared of going to the farm to plant and harvest crops for fear of being attacked. Another factor is the cost of importation of some agricultural products such as fertilizer for crops and animals.So people are left with no other choice than to top up their goods and services just so they can eat, pay for shelter, medications and other necessary expenses.

The question Rinu asked as I earlier stated sparked conversations with people stating how much some food stuffs are being sold in their locality, others also disagreed that 1000 naira can still get you a decent breakfast and lunch or dinner.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and this is the moment were improvising and management should come in. So in this case, I will not entirely agree with Rinu because in the actual sense you can still get a decent food with 1000 naira. For example, a family of four or five can buy half paint of Garri which will cost 500 naira, buy okro 200 naira, red oil of 50 naira, crayfish 100 naira, periwinkle of 100 naira(this can substitute for meat or fish) and then fresh vegetables leaf of 50 naira, summing it 1000 naira.

A student can also use this meal plan to adjust until things get better. Like I said desperate times calls for desperate measures and improvising. If this article helped you solve your food situation in any way, please let me know and drop any suggestions on how we can manage things pending till when things get better.

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