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6 popular and healthy Nigerian dishes to look out for

Nigerian foods are usually spicy and with a nice aroma and delicious taste. We are blessed with abundance of richly flavored soups, stew and sauces and equally plentiful "swallow" foods.

As time goes by the world at large will get to know all our delicious dishes in more than 250 ethnic groups.

Well in this article I will list 6 foods here in Nigeria, that are popularly consumed, healthy and unique to each tribe.

 1 Amala and Ewedu Soup

Ewedu soup is a Nigerian soup made with jute leaves, and It's known basically by the Yoruba people. Commonly paired with eba but can be eaten with any other swallow.

 2. Ofada Stew

The Ofada stew is a rich stew by the yorubas. it is commonly enjoyed throughout Nigeria. it's served with plain white rice or ofada rice as the case may be.

 3. African Salad(Abacha and Ugba)

Abacha is known to the Igbo people in Nigeria. Also known as African salad, a widely eaten dish.most people use African salad as a small meal and not a full meal but I have eaten it and i loved it.

 4 Jollof rice

Like I earlier said, Jollof rice is a popular dish in Nigeria and many West African countries. Widely consumed in Nigeria. Like some would call it 'national dish'. the jollof rice has really gotten into the hearts of Africans.

 5 Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo Shinkafa is a very delicious type of Nigerian swallow food associated with the Hausa people of Nigeria. Its made with rice or rice flour.

 6 Egusi soup.

Now this is also regarded as a national Nigerian food. Served with FUFU or any swallow of your choice. Very rich in protein. Its made with grounded Egusi, palm oil. Pepper and other ingredients. I like my Egusi with fufu, how do you like yours? 

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