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Learn this trick of preparing coconut oil at Home for you and your family.

Coconut oil is one of the best oil used in the world for many purposes, medically coconut oil aids in lowering obesity levels in the body and also battles insulin resistance (issues that often lead to type two diabetes), so therefore many use coconut oil to cook.

Coconut oil is also used for healthy hair growth, it makes the hair grow longer in such a short period of time, also coconut oil is used for the body because it is rich with antioxidant which slows aging processes, as many people do not want to grow old on time.

In this article we will be learning how to make coconut oil, that you can use for any purpose you desire. Let's start with the ingredients;


- 3 Old coconut not young coconut

- a big knife to crack the coconut

- a bowl to contain your coconut water.

- Chiffon or cloth filter or sieve.

- a thick napkin to clean.


1. Take the water out of the coconut, using the big knife.

2. Take the coconut meat out of the coconut shell.

3. Cut the coconut meat into very tiny small pieces.

4. Put the small pieces into blender and pour little clean water or warm water.

Blend the coconut meat pieces with water in different batches.

5. Rub the mix of dessicated coconut forcefully in order to make the oil productivity more efficient.

6. prepare the filter or sieve into a bucket and pour the mix into the filter bit by bit (do this in batches)

7. Squeeze it properly to remove/drain the coconut milk into the bucket.

After squeezing we have dry dessicated coconut and coconut milk.

8. Leave the coconut milk for one night.

After leaving for one night, the coconut milk will become like this( the coconut raw oil will float to the top of the liquid mix looking caked i.e ; there will be a separation between the oil and water)

9. Scrape and Put this caked raw oil into a ceramic bowl and put in the microwave for the last step.

Put into the microwave to extract the water and oil from it

Put microwave at medium power and time is within 20-25 minutes.

When its almost 25minutes remove from the microwave and allow to cool. Separate the oil and pour into another container.

Note : If you do not have microwave kindly make use of your pot and stove or gas cylinder (or any source of fire/heat).

Follow these step for the use of pot

- pour the separated caked raw oil into the pot and cover, cook on low to medium heat.

- check the pot and stir from time to time and cook till you see solid impurities forming in the pot.

- cook for almost 1hour 15minutes. 

- set the pot aside to cool and separate the caked impurities from the oil.

There you have your coconut oil, remove all impurities in solid form with a spoon/fork or sieve.

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