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7 ways you can prepare yam for better enjoyment

There are different types of yam and there are many ways in which they can be prepared for better enjoyment. I'll show you some of the ways you can prepare your yams in this article.

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1. Yam can be fried

Many people prefer to eat fried yam because of its unique taste. Some fried yam recipes are yam chips, yamarita and yam piccata.

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2. Yam can be made in to balls

Yam balls are prepared in many countries of the world, they usually have round shape. Examples are yam balls and water yam fritters.

3. Yam can be roasted

Roasted yam is a traditional yam recipe which many people prefer to eat in rural areas. Nowadays, many people make use of oven to roast their yam for convenience.

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4. Yam can be boiled

This is a common method of preparing yam in many homes. Boiled yam can be eaten with egg sauce, garden egg sauce or fish stew.

5. Baked yam and cheese

This is a modern yam recipe which include baking yam, veggies and cheese in oven.

Photo credit: All Nigerian recipes

6. Yam can be pounded

This is a popular method of preparing yam in Nigeria especially during festive season. Technology bring about the use of pounding machine in place of mortal and pestle.

7. Yam can be made into flour

Yam can also be made into flour. This recipe is mostly prepared in West Africa countries.

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