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Instead Of Eating Beef At Home Or Using It For Owambe, See 5 Cheap Alternatives You Can Use Instead

In many parts of the world, it is often believed that if a person eats without at least accompanying it with either a big chunk of meat or fish, that person has not eaten something that could be termed healthy. This just goes a long way to show how much importance is attached to having a proteinous substance on the top of every meal we eat.A Typical Nigerian Delicacy

However, these days, due to advanced knowledge in food nutrition, the dangers of frequently consuming beef and other red meats have been highlighted by nutritionist and other health practitioners. People are often advised to consider other protein sources, including fish and other white meats. It is believed that these alternative protein sources are healthier and sometimes even cheaper than beef.Beef Assortments On A Meal

In Nigeria, the need to consider other protein sources other than beef and other red meat types is becoming more pronounced considering the frequent clashes between herders and farming communities, which has resulted in the loss of lives and properties. The issue recently came to a head a few months ago as the northern cattle dealers blocked their supply of cattle to the southern part of the country, leading to a spike in the price of beef and other foodstuffs.


So, having emphasised the need to stop being overly reliant on beef consumption due to its implications on health and the rising uncertainty about its supply to southern parts of Nigeria, below are 5 healthier, cheaper alternatives to beef you should consider using, whether for your consumption at home or your use during your highly anticipated owambe party:

1. Pork

While pork is not readily everybody's choice of meat and might not be suitable for an owambe, that doesn't erase the fact that it contains healthier fats than beef. It is also relatively cheaper than beef as its price ranges from N500 to N1,200 per Kilo.

2. Chicken

Chicken is quite rich in protein, but what makes it better than beef is the fact that it contains low-fat content compared to other animal sources such as beef. What's more? The price of frozen chicken in Nigeria in 2021 is from N1,900 per unit and N800 per Kilo (kg), while a live chicken is between N700 to N1,000.

3. Turkey

Turkey is another excellent alternative to beef and other red meats as it contains lower amounts of saturated fat than beef, making it a lump of excellent meat for people with heart issues. They are usually sold in kg and cartons and the price is between N2,500 to N24,500.

4. Salmon And Tilapia Fish

While it's true that the price of fish has gone up in recent times, the importance of healthy diets cannot be overemphasised as the cost of treating ailments, later on, might be costlier than that of prevention. These two fishes are excellent alternatives to beef as they contain omega 3 fatty acid which is beneficial to your health.

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