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Do you know that drinking of Waterleaf juice is very good for the body? See what it does

Waterleaf is a leafy green vegetable, with stored water within itself.

It is used in preparing most of our popular delicacies such as Edikaikong Soup, Afang soup etc.

Apart from the fact that Waterleaf soup is very delicious, the Waterleaf itself has so much health benefits when consumed, especially when it is taken as juice.

Here is how to make your Waterleaf juice:

1. Get the Waterleaf from the market or your garden.

Picture of Waterleaf

2. Cut off the hard stem and remove the flowers.

3. Wash the Waterleaf properly

4. Pound the Waterleaf, squeeze or blend in a mixer.

5. Add water and strain the juice with a muslin cloth.

Your juice is ready for consumption. You can add a few drops of lemon and honey to improve it's taste.

Take1 cup a day for as long as you want. It can be kept in a refrigerator to preserve it and enable it retain it's freshness.

Benefits of Drinking Waterleaf juice:

1. Promotes Better Skin:

Waterleaf contains vitamin A and C which helps in the repair and growth of body cells and tissues.

By taking Waterleaf juice, the antioxidants in the juice helps improve skin pigmentation and hydrates it, as such dryness is reduced therefore promoting a healthy skin.

2. Manages Blood Pressure:

Taking of Waterleaf juice, provides the body with fibre and minerals which helps in managing both the heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps prevent hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

3. Improves Brain Ability:

Waterleaf juice can improve brain ability by aiding blood flow and providing human blood cells with the right nutrition, therefore strengthening brain tissues.

4. Prevents Unhealthy Blood Clots:

It's anti-inflammatory properties, helps dissolve unhealthy blood clots formation in the body which might disrupt healthy blood flow.

5. Aids in Pregnancy:

The Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins in the juice, helps boost the blood level, prevents anaemia as such being beneficiary to both mother and baby.

6. Aids Digestion and Weight loss:

It's fibre content makes it an important remedy for digestive issues like constipation, indigestion and IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

The high fibre content also helps control hunger pangs as it keeps the stomach full.

7. Improves Eye Sight:

Waterleaf juice contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin A1, which aids proper functioning of the eyes.

Vitamin A helps in enhancing vision in poor lights, A1 for improving the skeletal tissues and C for maintaining a healthy retina.

8. Overall Health Benefits:

Since it is an ideal immunity booster, it is the perfect drink for people who often feel tired or weak as it helps eradicate any sign of weakness.

It also contains nutrients value like proteins, pectin, high level vitamin B, manganese, zinc and calcium.

With the above facts, start now to take Waterleaf juice as your body needs it to obtain it's benefits.

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