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Check Out Quick And Stress Free Methods Of Making Strawberry Cake


I'm sure you all must have been anxious to get this recipe on how to make strawberry cake🍰. So I have brought to you today how to go about making your own delicious and😌😜😋 strawberry cake. Follow me as I put you through the process of making your own amazing strawberry cake.

Below are the ingredients needed for making your strawberry cake:

Ingredients Needed:

Flour - 2cups

Baking Powder - one and half tea spoon that is 1.5tsp

5 Eggs

1 Cup milk

Butter -250gm

Sugar (granulated) 1 cup

Vanilla - 2cups

Strawberries(Slice them in syrup)


Sprinkle pans with butter and flour before baking begins. In a medium bowl,

combine or merge your flour and baking powder, then set aside.

In a big bowl add sugar and cream butter with electric mixer until you see it light and fluffy.

Then add your eggs one at a time(that is you don't add everything at once) and add vanilla then mix it well, add flour mixture preferably with milk.

Beginning or starting with the flour, mix well and fold in strawberries and bake for about 45-50 minutes or until it's done

I hope you find this article helpful and will share with your friends.


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