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5 nutritious draw soups you need to taste

Soups are very important in Africa most especially in Nigeria where nice soups are valued. The taste of soup will determine whether the food will be enjoyed, perhaps that is why people normally take time to prepare delicious soups. 

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Draw soups are usually used to eat solid or swallow foods such as pounded yam, semolina, fufu etc. In this article, we will show you 5 draw soups that are very nutritious.

1. Okoho soup

This is a traditional soup that originated from Idoma tribe of Benue state. It is a draw soup that is made with okoho stick which is usually combined with bush meat to make a delicious soup. You have to taste this soup to know its goodness.

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2. Dried baobab leaves soup

This soup is popular in the northern part of Nigeria. It is also called 'kuka' or 'luru' soup. It can be used to eat swallow foods such as tuwo.

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3. Ogbono soup

Ogbono is a delicious Nigerian draw soup. You can use this tasty soup for any type of swallow foods. It is very nutritious and taste great. 

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4. Ewedu soup

Ewedu also known as jute leaf is used to make very nutritious soup. It can be used to eat swallow such as amala, fufu and gari (eba).

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5. Okro soup

This is another draw soup for swallows. Many people prefer to eat this soup in the stewed form called "Ila alasepo" than okro with seperate stew.

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Have you tasted the above soups? You have to try them to see how delicious they are. 

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