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20 incredible facts you were not taught in school

1. Oldest surviving diving suit from 18th century.

2. A farm owner was denied for a council permit to build a horse shelter.

3. Dog can recognized when their owners are being treated rudely and may snub that person.

4. The summit of Mt. Everest is made of marine limestone. Which means the highest point on earth was once at the bottom of the sea.

5. Apples are made up of 25% air, that is why they float in water.

6. If you publish a book in Norway, the government will purchase 1,100 copies and distribute them to library around the country.

7. In 1953, due to high speed the F-11 fighter shot itself because it was faster than its own bullet.

8. This store in Amsterdam is made up of glass bricks, which are stronger than concrete.

9. Tokyo is the safest city in the world. Six years old can travel in public transport on their own.

10. It took four years to design the iconic OREO design.

11. Picture of engagement rings removed from the fingers of World War 2 victims. Imagine how many love stories were buried.

12. World fastest train is in Japan, and its known as Alpha-X.

13. In October 2016, an earthquake that struck northern Italy was so powerful that it cracked a mountain.

14. On 18th February 1979, It snowed in Sahara desert for 30 minutes.

15. The international Potato centre has successfully grown potatoes in a simulated Mars environment.

16. When a millionaire in Florida gave free day-care and college scholarships in neighbourhood, the crime rate was cut in half and the graduation rate increased from 25% to 100%.

17. Cano Cristales, "the river of five colors" is the most beautiful river in the world.

18. Created of Fornite, Tim Sweeney, bought 193 acres of forest to stop deforestation. And also donated $15 million to protect 7,000 acres of forest.

19. In 2012, a woman who donated her kidney to her boss was fired because she took too long to recover.

20. Vegetables in Alaska grow gigantic because they receive 20 hours of sunlight.

Which one is your favorite?

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