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Kanayo O. Kanayo Shows Off His Beautiful Kitchen, Says He is The Latest Chef In Africa (Photos)

Gone are the days when we believe that the kitchen is meant for women alone. I am not disputing the fact that it is part of their duties. The thing is that many men especially the married ones would abandon their so called wife to run the affairs of the kitchen without any assistance. I guess you are not aware that assisting your wife in the kitchen increases the bond and love you share together. Helping her out in the kitchen doesn't mean you are no longer the man of the house.

However, in this our contemporary world, we have a lot of males who are extremely good in the kitchen. Many of them are better cooks than the females. Ladies of these days are more interested in their career and gender equality.

It is advisable that a man should have a good knowledge of cooking so that you wouldn't have to beg a lady to cook for you or form the habit of eating outside. One thing we do not know is that you save much money when you cook food at home than eating outside.

Considering how expensive patronizing food vendors are these days, the money used in eating three square meals at the restaurant can get you a pot of soup or stew which can last for three days or more.

When you have a good knowledge of the kitchen, it can save you a lot of costs.

A kitchen is a room or part of the room used for cooking or food preparation. To show that men can equally run the kitchen affairs in the absence of their wives, Kanayo O Kanayo took to his instagram page to show off his kitchen. His kitchen looks very neat and organized even more than the ones managed by ladies.

If you are man who doesn't know how to cook, it is not late yet. You can simply meet up with any lady who is good at cooking to teach you. I assure you that in little or no time, you would grab the knowledge.

It is very important you learn how to cook because you never can tell what would happen tomorrow. You might find yourself in a situation whereby cooking your meal yourself would be your saviour.

Parents also have a role to play in teaching their male children how to cook because it would be of great help to them in the future. Patronizing food vendors is not the most advisable thing to do because you don't even know the source or how the food was prepared.

Check out Kanayo O. Kanayo's kitchen pictures he posted on his instagram page.

Click on the link below to see what he said concerning him being the chef and what he tends to cook.

Photos credited to instagram

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