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How to cook calabar vegetable soup with only 1000 Naira note.

Edikang Ikong soup is a vegetable soup. An African soup from southern Nigeria. It is well appreciated and is usually called "calabar soup."

A lot of people say Edikang ikong soup is quite expensive to prepare. But I say that it can be prepared with just a little money as small as 1000 naira.

This is all you need to start with. Buy the following items in the market:

1. Ugu (vegetable leaf) 100 naira.

2. Water leaf 50 naira.

3. Crayfish 50 naira.

4. Pieces of stuck fish (okporoko) 120 naira.

5. Pepper 20 naira.

6. Maggi and onion 60 naira.

7. Palm oil 100 naira.

8. Pomo (processed cow skin) 150 naira.

9. Fish or meat 350 naira.

How to Prepare:

Get a clean pot, flat plate, sieve, kitchen knife, water and spoon. Wash the leaf in a clean water and other things. Get the stove, gas or hot plate ready.

Wash the meat or fish, add some diced onion, pour it into a separate pot from the one that will be used for cooking. Add salt and maggi reasonably, add a very little water for steaming. Bring it down after 5minutes or there about.

Next step

Pour palm oil inside a dry pot and add the diced onion a minute later. Add the sliced water leaf in another one minute. Cover the pot to simmer for a while. When the water leaf is now cooked and has brought out water then the steamed meat or fish can be added with grinded crayfish and pepper. Turn it twice and allow to cook for 5 minutes. After five minutes, the last item that will be added will be Ugu (vegetable). Turn everything and allow it to cook for 2 to 3 minutes depending on how fresh you want the vegetable to look. Food is ready.

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