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7 Healthy Foods You Can Eat With Bread

Every food has its own nutrient composition and to gain extra nutrients at once, two or more foods need to be combined. Bread is one of the most popular staple foods in the world and when it comes to food combination, bread usually takes the lead because of its ability to pair well with other foods. Bread is rich in carbohydrates which makes it an energy-giving food, however, in order to derive other beneficial nutrients, it's advisable to consume bread with the foods which are mentioned below.

1. Fried eggs.

This is perfect food for breakfast. Bread and fried eggs are loved and eaten by many people because of their sweet taste and easiness to make. Furthermore, combining these two foods is equally nutritious because of the rich protein content of eggs.

2. Sardine.

Tinned sardines are notable for their slightly salty taste, and it tastes wonderful when eaten with bread. Sardines are oily fishes which means that consuming them will provide you with protein and omega-3 fats which is very beneficial to the body.

3. Akara.

Bread and akara is a household name in Nigeria, and the combination of these two foods is also beneficial as well. Akara is a derivative of beans which means that it is very rich in protein, eaten them with bread which is an energy-giving food is healthy. 

4. Avocado.

The rich buttery taste of avocado goes well with bread and these two offers a unique taste when eaten together. Avocado is rich in many beneficial nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, vitamins, and others. You should definitely try this combination.

5. Beans.

The Yorubas call it “ewa agoyin”, and it's widely served in restaurants all around the country. The combination of beans and bread is nothing short of tasty and nutritious. It can also be eaten as a breakfast or lunch.

6. Groundnuts.

This is most people's favorite. Consuming bread and groundnuts together is very healthy and filling, making it the perfect combination for those who are hungry and need quick food.

7. Tea.

This is no doubt the most popular food combination in the world. Tea and bread are usually eaten as breakfast, and it's also very healthy because of the presence of milk which is high in protein and bread which is equally rich in carbohydrates.

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