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How to Cook Delicious 'Ogbono' Soup in Less Than 30 Minutes.

Ogbono Soup is a rich, nutrition packed Nigerian soup made from Ogbono seeds or ground African Mango seeds,palm oil, assorted meats and traditional spices and ingredients.

Ogbono soup is often eaten with 'fufu' like pounded yam or eba. It is likewise known as 'draw soup' owing to the mucilage filled texture it has.

It might take sometime for some to get used to it due to it's texture but once you give it a taste,it tastes great and makes you crave for more.

Before moving into the procedures proper,it will be good for us to know what Ogbono is.

What is Ogbono?

Ogbono seeds are gotten from a fruit known as 'Irvingia gabonensis' also called African mango,wild mango or bush mango. It is mainly found in the Central and West Africa as well as South-east Asia. The whole fruit is edible while the seeds only,are used to make 'Ogbono soup'.

Health benefits of Ogbono Soup.

Ogbono soup is very nutritious and filled with vital nutrients and minerals. African mango is well known for its health benefits and is a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

According to research Ogbono helps in the following;

1. Stabilizing blood sugar levels.

2. Aid in weight loss.

3. Reduce high blood pressure.

4. Help lower cholesterol levels.

Without wasting much of your time,let me now dive into the procedures or steps involved in cooking 'Ogbono soup'.

Required ingredients

1. 2 handfuls of Ogbono seeds or 3 handful of ground Ogbono powder will suffice.

2. Assorted meat and fish (a mixture of beef,Shaki or tripe,dogfish, Ponmo or cow skin,stock fish,smoked catfish, cow foot or any other meat.

Image: stock fish

Image: Tripe

3. 3 cooking spoon full of palm oil.

4.1 handful of 'Ugwu' leaves or washed bitter leaf.Image: 'ugwu' leaves

Image: washed bitter leaf

5. A handful of crayfish.

6. 1 onion bulb chopped.

7. 2 seasoning cubes (eg Maggi,Royco,Mamador or any other brand within your reach.

8. Water (as needed).

Cooking Directions/Guide.

1. Be sure to grind your whole Ogbono seeds using a very good blender.

2. You should wash, season and cook the assorted meat.

3. Grind the chili pepper and chop the onions.

How to Cook the Soup Proper.

1. Pour the palm oil into a dry cooking pot. Regulate your source of heat to minimum and add the chopped onions.

Put off the heat then add the ground Ogbono into the oil and dissolve the ground Ogbono.

2. Put the pot back on low heat then add a little water,cover and leave it to boil for about 1 minute or 2.

You will notice that the mixture has become thicker and has started to 'draw' or has a texture that can be described as 'slimy'.

3. Stir the soup constantly to ensure that it does not burn,then add the shredded bitter leaf and leave to boil for about 15 minutes;you should check on it and stir the soup intermittently to prevent it from burning at the bottom.

4. Add the cooked stock fish,cooked assorted meat, seasoning cube, pepper and also the ground crayfish. Mix well,cover and leave to cook for about 10 minutes again.

You should keep checking to prevent it from burning.

5. You will notice a change in the aroma of the soup at this stage. Stir and add any other leaves you want (eg bitter leaf or Ugwu) then add salt to taste.

Simmer for about a minute and put off the heat.

Voila,your soup is done and ready to be served.

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