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How To Make Your Catfish Pepper Soup Taste Great

Catfish pepper soup is a popular delicacy in bars and restaurants. Many people like this delicacy, but often have to spend so much just to have an already prepared one. Depending on the size of your pocket, you can buy the quantity you can afford and prepare it in the comfort of your home.

To prepare a tasty catfish pepper soup, you need simple, natural ingredients. Without much ado, let's have a look at the ingredients needed for your tasty catfish pepper soup.


2 Medium sized catfish

4 Scotch bonnet pepper

 Fresh ginger

2 Bulbs of onion

2 Cayenne pepper (Shombo)

3 Stock cubes or seasoning powder

A handful of scent leaves

1 Bunch of curry leaves

Salt to taste


 1. Wash the catfish properly  

   preferably with warm water    

   and salt, so as to remove the 


 2. Cut into desired slices and 

   place into the bowl.

 3. Wash the scotch bonnet pepper 

   together with the cayenne

   pepper. Blend or pound them. 

   Note: You can chop the  

   cayenne nicely instead of 

   having it blended.  

 4. Chop the onions.

 5. Pick the curry and scent leaves, 

   wash properly and keep in a  

   small bowl. You don't have to 

   cut the curry leaves. But the 

   scent leaf should be cut into 

   thin slices.

 6. Peel off the outer (brownish) 

   part of the ginger and wash.  

   You can either blend it together 

   with the pepper or you grate it. 


1. Once you have gotten all your 

   ingredients ready, the next step 

   is to put the washed fish into  

   the pot.

2.  Pour some water into the pot. 

   Ensure that the water is 

   appropriate for the quantity of  


3.  Add your chopped onion, 

   ground pepper, 

   ginger and crush your 

   seasoning cubes.

4. Add just a pinch of salt to taste, 

   because your seasoning cubes 

   also have salt.

5.  Set the pot on the fire, cover

   and allow to cook for about 35 - 

   45 minutes.

6.  After which you will add the 

   sliced scent leaf and curry leaf, 

   then turn off the heat.

There you go! Your delicious catfish pepper soup is ready. It is preferable to serve it hot.


Fresh condiments like ginger, pepper, curry, and scent leaves adds a distinctive flavour and irresistible aroma to your catfish pepper soup delicacy.

It's simply delicious and aromatic!

Write-up Credited to Trishphil

Photo Source: Shutterstock Images and Keto Kitchen Nigeria.

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Content created and supplied by: Trishphil (via Opera News )

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