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Take a look at some poisonous food you love to eat

Today we will be discussing mainly on some major foods we consume,their health benefits and most importantly their negative side effects.

Nutrition has to deal with the study of nutrients contained in food,the study of diseases caused by food,the health benefits of foods, and how this food is been used up by the body.

When you follow the nutritional guidelines it will help you to maintain a healthy and happy life and also prevents tou from diseases and sudden illness.

This here are some of this poisonious foods

1: Apple

Apple is a nutrious fruit that is made up of calories,carbs,fibers, vitamin C,potassium and vitamin K. It is a rich source of polyphenols. Apples also help in weight loss,it promotes the health of the heart and also may also help in cancer risk reduction.

Negative effect: Apples contain high level of cyanide. Cyanides are very toxic to human. Eating one or two apples may not have an effect on you but if eat too much of it you will fall seriously ill.


Cherry is regarded as a very nutritious fruit. It contains calories and vitamins,it also contains antioxidants and inflametory compounds. Cherries help in lowering diabetes ,it also encourages healthy sleep and serves as good reliever of arthrities .

Negative effect: Cherries contains hydrogen cyanides which will kill you if care is not taken. The hydrogen cyanide is known as prussic acid and it is an extremely poisonious liquid.

3: Castor oil

This is a vegetable oil made from beans. It is very active with a multipurpose use. It is used to treat a large number of illness or medical issues. It speeds up digestion of foods and also promote hair growth.

Negative effect: Castor oil is very poisonious. It contains ricin which is one of the most poisonious substance ever known to man. A single castor oil bean can lead to the death of a grown up man.

4: Mushrooms

Mushrooms are edible and also they provide some nutritional benefits to man. It serves as a traditional medicine. It contains protein, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants ,it can also help in preventing cancer related issues.

Negative effect: Mushrooms are very poisonious . Mushrooms are risky because they can make you seriously sick or even kill a person. The problem associated with mushrooms is that you can not differentiate a good mushroom from a bad one.

5: Almonds

Almonds are highly nutrious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It contains fiber ,protein , fat , vitamin E and magnesium . It contains antioxidants which helps to relive health related issues. They can also control the sugar level in the body.

Negative effect : Almonds contain high level of cyanide,this cyanides is very poisonious to body.

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