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What memories does the word "Bole" evoke?

“Bòlì" is the Yoruba word for roasted plantain. Plantain is a perennial herbaceous plant that flourishes well under tropical moisture-rich, humid low-lying farmlands.

As a food, plantain is rich in calories, vitamins and dietary fibre. Plantain can be consumed in so many ways but when the word ‘’bòlì’ is mentioned, it evokes memories of a sumptuous different kind of meal.

Bòlì or Bole (as it is called in Port Harcourt and the Niger Delta) is a Nigerian street food and is rarely prepared at homes.

I'll be comparing the Lagos and Port Harcourt bole:

1. In Lagos, South-West Nigeria, it is known as "bòlì", while in Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria, it is referred to as "bole".

2. In Lagos, Bòlì is a snack, while in Port Harcourt, Bole is a full meal.

3. Bòlì is eaten with Epa (groundnut) in Lagos. In Port Harcourt Bole is eaten with roasted yam, fish, oil peppery sauce and vegetable.

4. Port Harcourt Bole is a more healthier meal than Lagos Bòlì.

5. Anybody can prepare Lagos Bòlì, but Port Harcourt Bole requires special skills. The taste of Port Harcourt Bole is unique and the secret formula is held by mothers who only pass it down to their children.

6. Lagos Bòlì making is a business, while Port Harcourt Bole making is not just a business, but it represents an Izo culture which has existed for generations.

Port Harcourt bole can make you accidentally break your fast, and I'll suggest you taste Port Harcourt bole when next you visit the "Garden City"

For those of us who have tasted this tantalizing meal, what memories or feelings does the word Bole evoke?

Content created and supplied by: MosesEdeji (via Opera News )

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