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Everything about Tiger nut

A homemade Tiger Nut Milk is a delectable new dairy-free milk recipe to try. It's creamy, sweet, and only requires two, or let's say three main ingredients to create. By the way, it's vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free.

Tiger nuts are relatively unknown, particularly in terms of their nutritional value. You can enjoy all of the health benefits of these edible tubers while eating them. Prebiotic fiber, iron, potassium, protein, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins E and C are all the nutrients abundant in tiger nuts.

Meanwhile, the tiger nut milk, also known as ofio, is a dairy-free substitute for cow milk.

I should also point out that there's the tiger nut flour, contrary to its name, which is a starchy powder derived from root vegetables rather than nuts. This means that tiger nut products are suitable for people with nut allergies, as well as those following low-carb, gluten-free diets.

In recent times, tiger nut flour is growing increasingly common on health food and specialty store shelves around the country as these diets become more popular.

A tiny amount of tiger nut flour can be substituted for wheat or another flour in a dish to add extra nutrients.

The flour has a delicate, nutty flavor with a root vegetable's slightly sweet and earthy fragrance. These sweet taste attributes enhance the flavor of any meal made using tiger nut flour.

Notably, tiger nuts have been around for 4,000 years, says Jack Sims, the founder of Supreme Peeled, America's first tiger nut enterprise. He credits their popularity to the fact that they were an important part of our forefathers' diets, as well as the fact that the tiny tubers are high in fiber, low in calories, and low in fat.

Going back to the tiger nut drink. This food drink is well rich in fibre which makes it the perfect nutrients ideal and needed for people with diabetes, it also helps in weight loss, and removing belly fats since it's quite low in calories. 

This dairy-free alternative to cow milk has so many benefits. Adding dates and coconut, as we hear, also makes this drink an aphrodisiac.


• 3 cups of tiger nuts

• 1 cup dry dates

• 1 coconut

• 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence

• 1/4 tea spoon of cinnamon

• 8 cups water


1. Place the tiger nuts in a bowl of water, put a cloth over the bowl, then set it aside at a room temperature for 1-2 days so it can soften well. After which you can drain the water off.

2. Soften the dates by soaking them in hot water.

3. In a blender, combine the soaked tiger nuts, softened dates, coconut, and some water.

4. Blend thoroughly until the mixture is creamy.

5. Pour the milk through a fine sieve, squeeze out as much water as possible from it too, you can discard the chaff.

6. Blend in the vanilla, cinnamon, and any other flavors you want.

7. Sieve again.

8. Refrigerate the resulting milk for up to a week before serving.

Voila!!! You have your homemade tiger nut drink. Enjoy

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Tiger Tiger Nut Milk


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