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Check out pictures of amazing fruits that are uncommon, with pictures

Check out pictures of amazing fruits that are uncommon, with pictures


Ackee is popularly known as isin among the Yoruba people in West Africa. It has a black seed which is highly toxic. It is also common in Jamaica. Ackee is known to be highly delicious when ripe and it can serve as a good delicacy when cooked.


Sapote Blanco or the white zapote is the most common among the several species of fruit. It is grown all over central and south American, India, and Mexico. Sapote is a term for soft and edible fruits, it is also known in Caribbean English as soap apple.


In Mexico tuna does not refer to the fish, it's a particular fruit. This fruit has many names, these include opuntia, prickly pear, tuna to mention a few.


Durian is popular in Indonesia and Thailand. There are several species of this fruit, about 9 of this fruit is edible

5.Delicious monster

A delicious monster is also known as monster fruit. This fruit can be found in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico. It is extremely toxic when unripe but when it is ripe, it highly delicious and nutritious.

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