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Dont Buy Pop Corn Again, Get Your Pot, Ground Nut Oil And Corn And Make It Yourself Using This Style

Pop corn is one of our best-loved snacks. It is inexpensive and most people love it.

One of the reasons I love this snack is it can be made salty, spicy, milky, white e.t. by this I mean

Pop maize is really simple to make and you can make it with the maize as long as the ingredients are available in your house in 15 minutes!

Freshly-made pop maize has a divine smell and smell. Even though you don't want to buy it, the perception that its flavor will make you feel at ease with the tentation and buy it.

I recall my school days, no matter how hard we were trying to, we could not stop the buy pop corn, because during the course of the school hours the woman always did it and it was close, so that the entire school was perfumed and the students decided to go out and buy a nylon.

All right, let's go back to business. I'm not good at telling history, so don't worry about my boring story. Here is how in the comfort of your kitchen you can make popcorn.

Ingredients are:

Pop Corn kernels


Powdered Milk(optional)

Ground nut Oil



Popping Your Corn

1. Put a pot on the fire and dry (use medium heat)

2. Add oil and little salt

3. After few minutes, throw one or two corn kernels in the oil

If it pops, you add the rest of your corn

You can add the rest of the corn kernels if it does not pop, wait until it does. if it does.

6. Cover the pot and bring it down for around 30 seconds after adding the rest of your maize

Note: This makes all the maize pop together

7. Put it on the fire and tilt the cover to allow some steam to escape. It makes the corn kernels appear beautifully and uniformly.

8. Raise the pot and move from side to side to avoid burning

9. Within 5-8 minutes your corn kernels should have finished popping

Note: You realize that the sound has finished cracking, the sound is fading

10. Pour in a bowl

11. Melt your butter in another pot

12. Sprinkle your melted butter over your pop maize, slowly until the butter is spread uniformly in the pop corn.

13. Sprinkle with milk, sugar and salt and savor your pop maize when it is still hot ..

Note: You can add other spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, spinach or spinach to make it healthier, and you can also add ground nut oil, olive oil or cocoon oil aside (for a more healthful popcorn snack)

A, B , C, Quick, OK? I hope you will be trying it with the sweet food I gave this weekend in my previous post.

I think I made your snack full and fun, in particular the weekend ahead. Thanks for reading. Thanks for reading.

Please share your questions and ask them if any in the Comments section


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