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5 Leaves That Can Be Used To Enhance Flavor of Food

Vegetables are used to enrich foods and to promote overall health. They provide necessary nutrients for general well-being of the body. Some are aromatic and add great taste and flavour to foods.

Here are 5 leaves with unique flavour and great taste that can be used to enhance foods and general well-being.

SCENT LEAVES: Scent leaves are common vegetable in Nigeria and some African and Asian countries. It is scientifically known as Ocimum gratissimum. It gives every meal a very unique taste and flavor. Scent leaves contain iron, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin A. It is used in cooking different types of soups. It can be used in making pepper soup, stew, sauce, porridge, jollof rice and beans. Scent leaf is good for the heart as it can help reduce bad cholesterol. It helps to promote good eye sight. It can also help to relief constipation and stomach cramps.

CURRY LEAVES: Curry leaves have a very unique aroma and flavour. It adds great taste to stews, sauce and rice. Beyond its taste and flavor, it is also beneficial to the body. Curry leaves are rich in vitamins, calcium and Iron. Some research has shown that curry leaves contains many compounds that can function as antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants play an essential role in keeping the body healthy and free from disease.

BAY LEAVES: Bay leaves are native to the Mediterranean. It is scientifically known as Laurus nobilis. It contains vitamin A, iron and magnesium. Bay leaves are known for their subtle aroma and flavour. It is commonly available dried and can be used to add flavor to stews, rice, meat and sauce. The leaves are usually removed after cooking. Some studies suggest that it has the ability to reduce inflammation and also contains antioxidants.

UZIZA LEAVES: Uziza leaves are spicy and commonly used in cooking soups. The botanical name is Piper Guineense. It also known as hot leaves, Guinea peppers or West African pepper. The seeds can be crushed and used in cooking as well. The leaves can be used fresh or dried. They are fairy tough and should be properly sliced before adding to soup. It is commonly used in preparing white soup/ Nsala soup. Because of its rich taste and flavor, some people use it in preparing different types of soups including ogbonu, oha, egusi etc. Uziza leaves are rich in fibre and can help ease digestion, constipation and aid weight loss. It is also used by some people to aid postpartum recovery.

UTAZI LEAVES: This leaf has a slightly bitter taste. It is commonly used in preparing sauce, unripe plantain porridge and soups. In the South East, it is commonly used to garnish local delicacies like isi ewu, nkwobi, abacha and ugba. It is used by some people in preparing nsala soup as it adds special taste and flavor to it. It is said to contain some antioxidants. It can aid digestion and help to relief stomach ache.

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