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How to cook Nigerian Okra soup with just N1000

Okro soup is one of the simplest Nigerian soup to prepare, although it can be very tricky and expensive. In the article, I'll be showing you how to make Okro soup on a budget using essential ingredients and a few in house spices, with just N1000.


1. Okro N200

2. Mackerel Ice fish N250

3. Periwinkle N100

4. Vegetable leaf (ugu) N50

5. Palm oil N100

6. Kpomo (cow skin) N200

7. Crayfish N50

8. Onions N50

And some in house spices like Seasoning cubes( Maggi cubes), Salt and grounded red pepper.


1. Cut your kpomo into cubes, season with little salt, add 2cups water and bring to a boil for for 10-15mimutes depending on its thickness, cut your mackerel Ice fish, put it in the same pot with the kpomo, season with Maggi cubes, salt and pepper, cook for 5mins and set aside.

2.cut you okro into cubes and set aside

3.wash your removed periwinkle and set aside, wash your ugu leaf and shred it with a knife.

4. Cut your Onions into cubes and ground or pound your crayfish until smooth.

Cooking process

Rinse a medium size pot and put on fire, allow the water in the pot to dry, then add your palm oil and let it bleach a little bit, add a pinch of salt and your diced onions, stir with a wooden spaturlar. Add your chopped Okro, stir well and allow to cook for 3mins, add 2cups of water to the pot, add your kpomo and fish stock and your periwinkle to the pot, add crayfish, 3 Maggi cubes, 1teaspoon of salt and 1 table spoon of pepper to the pot, stir and allow to boil for five minutes. When the pot is boiling, add your cooked fish and kpomo, stir, add your ugu leaf, stir and bring the pot down from the fire.

Your okro soup is ready, serve hot with any swallow of choice.

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Content created and supplied by: Jade123 (via Opera News )

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