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Are You Still Using SaltTo Cook?, You Will Stop After Reading This

There are so many sicknesses associated with high salt consumption but on the other hand, most of our foods will be tasteless without salt.

So the purpose of this article is not to make you start cooking without salt but for you to understand the amount required and also to let you know the alternatives - that is things you can use instead of salt.

Have you ever tried cooking without salt? How did your food taste? - tasteless right. That is because salt is one of the main ingredients that give our foods taste. In fact without salt, we will hate most of our foods - even some of our favorite foods.

Apart from adding taste to our foods - salt does something even more important. It is very vital for our health. Salt act as an electrolyte balance which helps our organs like kidney, liver etc to function properly. In fact if you lack salt in your foods - your body will take it from your bones therefore causing a sickness called osteoporosis (big grammar abi)

But consuming too much salt is very dangerous. It can make your body to hold too much water in order to dilute the excess salt and this can lead to bloating.

Now that you have excess water in your body due to too much salt - the excess water will put pressure on the heart and blood vessels thereby causing high blood pressure. That is why too much salt is always associated with high blood pressure.

And high blood pressure is the main cause of heart attacks and stroke.

This is what you should stop doing

There is no way you can can be cooking without salt. But knowing the right amount will be very important.

According to medical experts, we should be taking 2,300mg of salt per day. But I'm sure most of us here in Nigeria take times two of this amount everyday.

But how would you measure it? It's very simple - the normal spoon we normally use to eat rice or call it table spoon is about 2,325mg - that is very close and it is ok. So instead of using our bare hands to put salt in our foods we should measure it with spoon.

In other words, consuming one spoon of salt a day is ok. Anything more than this can cause serious problems.

But it is not only the foods we cook at home that contains salt. Some things we buy like bread, biscuit, soft drinks etc already contain very high amounts of salts.

So we can cut down on some of the snacks and start eating fruits and vegetables like orange, banana, etc

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