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How to prepare plantain pepper soup

My pepper soup with plantain 

This formula has no tomato as I lean toward utilizing tomatoe and parsley with my fish pepper soup as it improves the flavor. 


*Oxtail. Ideal formula for goat meat pepper soup as well 

*lemon or lime 

*1 white onion 

*1 red onion 

*Bay leaf 

*1 red scotch Bonnet pepper 

*Teaspoon cameroon pepper 

*10 to 15 Njansang relying upon amount of peppersoup 

*teaspoon Pebe 

*teaspoon chobi flavor otherwise called oshosho/Aiden in igbo/yoruba 

*Little piece of thyme 

*1 garlic 

*Little piece of ginger 

*Basil ( leaf or dry ) any is fine 



*white pepper 


*Wash your oxtail or inclination on meat with lemon or lime 

*Into the pot ( I utilized a weight cooker ) include your meat, white onion, salt, maggi shape, bayleaf, thyme, cameroon pepper, chobi and pebe flavor 

*Blend the red onion, scotch hat pepper, garlic, ginger , a touch of water and empty the blend into the pot . 

* let it cook for 30 minutes then it ought to be prepared with a weight cooker 

PS : For this formula I didn't utilize oil as the oxtail as of now has it's own common oil once bubbled. 

I heated up the green plantains for 20 mins as it makes it simple for me to eliminate the skin. 

Ideal dish for nursing moms too as its pressed with heaps of flavors and supplements 👌

Content created and supplied by: Christian_power (via Opera News )

Aiden Njansang Pebe igbo


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