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Spiritual/Magic Behind Yellow Coconut.

Coconut is a fruit many people liked to eat because of its sweetness, some people consumes coconut for one reason or other. In our world today coconut is been used for different purposes. Coconut can be consumed with bread 🍞, which used to be a wonderful combination. As a Nigerian citizen, if you have not tried this combination, I think you are missing a lot.

Coconut can be consumed with garri. While I was in school, this food combination helped us a lot when there is no food in the hostel. Once you have sugar and milk, then you are good to go. We used to read very well after consuming this combination of coconut, garri, sugar, milk and H20.

Coconut can also be used to prepare rice ( coconut rice) infact coconut rice is one of the best rice I love to eat when I visit fast food, many times I tried coconut rice in fast food, I discovered that most of them can't prepare it well. One the fast food I enjoyed their coconut rice 🍚 was jevinic fast food in Imo State. I wish to be there again to enjoy myself.

Washing of hair. Some hair stylist recommend coconut water for washing of hair which they said that it can bring back virginity of the hair and also can stop hair loss. But Am yet to confirm the experiment from professionals.

Washing of head. Some people believed that coconut water is capable of cancelling some spiritual pronouncement made against someone, that is why some white germent church and spiritual house will recommend coconut water to be used to wash head in some spiritual cases. But we are yet to know the truth about this spiritual recommendation.

Coconut oil is also good and can be used for many purposes which includes using it on human hiar.

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