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Read What Kiddwaya's Mother Told Him, As He Shares New Photos On Social Media

You are what you eat. So there is the need for one to eat good food. The ability to think well, live health and perform better, depends on the type of food that you eat. Good food provides the necessary nutrient for the body. Eating well did not only depend on one's financial capability. You can eat a good and wholesome meal with the little that you have.

Food is one of the necessities of life, the stomach doesn't know how to keep a record of meals. One needs to eat from time to time. We all eat and it is not proper to eat bad meals. Be concerned about what goes into your mouth. Health is wealth. That is why Kidd Waya has flaunted his mouth-watering meal on his Instagram page and that got his mum and his fans reacting.

Although the reality star did not mention the species of the prawns that he was eating, one can deduce the type based on his photos. He was enjoying his fried rice with king prawns. King prawns can be said to be a luxury item, they are big tasty, and juicy.

Kiddwaya shares photos of himself eating and he asked his fans to allow him to enjoy himself while he mentioned that he is only eating prawns with appropriate beverages. He made it known that he is minding his own business. He has no time to intervene in what concerned did not concern him. He also disclosed that the sky is enough for all birds to fly without knocking each other when he wrote" prawn still dey for the ocean". So there is no need to fight with him for eating prawn you can also eat them if you so desire it.

When his mother saw his post, he made her son understand that he has God as his backbone, and he has no reason to fear anything. She also encourages him to enjoy his delicacy because no one dares to hurt him. After all, God is in charge.

She wrote," Son, God is for you who dares. Chop king prawns are". Her response gladdens the son's fans. The fans hailed the wife of the billionaire business mogul Terry Waya.

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