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Here's how to prepare correct 'Mama put' stew. Follow this recipe to learn how it's done

Mama put stew is a delicious Nigerian stew. It is usually sold in local eateries and got its name from the first two words people say when ordering i.e 'mama put bean and rice with small plantain and two meat'.

It is an easy sauce to prepare that will definitely appeal to everyone. In this article, I will be sharing with you an easy recipe on how to make this mama put stew. The ingredients used to prepare this stew are very affordable.

Without any further ado, let us get into how to prepare mama put stew.


1. 1kg soft tomatoes.

2. Tatashe.

3. Shombo (a type of cayenne)

4. Habanero peppers (atarodo)

5. Assorted meats i.e Beef cuts, Beef intestines, Cow tripe (shaki), Cow skin (ponmo, kanda).

6. Vegetable oil.

7. 150g tomato paste.

8. 1 big mackerel fish.

9. 4 small seasoning cubes.

10. 2 onions.

11. 1 teaspoon thyme or to your taste.

12. 1 tablespoon curry powder.

13. Salt to taste.


1. Clean the tomatoes, de-seed the tatashe and then blend the peppers and tomatoes preferably with the heavy duty grinders in Nigerian markets although your home blender can also be used.

2. Slice some of the onions and chop some. Clean the mackerel and cut into 1 inch thick slices. Clean the meat. Turn the intestines inside out and clean very well or else your buka stew will taste bad.

3. Pour the tomato puree in a big pot, boil on the stove till all the water dries up. Add the tomato paste, mix very well and set aside.

4. Cook the meats with onions, 3 seasoning cubes and the thyme.

Boil the fish with onions and 1 seasoning cube to get the fish stock.

5. Heat some vegetable oil in a pot. Add some onions and fry the fish till golden. Set aside. Add more onions to the oil and fry the tomato puree till perfect.

6. Add curry powder, the meats, the fried fish and the fish and meat stock.

Stir very well and add salt if necessary.

Cover and leave to simmer and it is ready.

That's how easy it is to make mama put stew in your home. You can serve this with boiled white rice, boiled beans, boiled yam, fried plantains, fried potatoes, with agege bread or any type of your choice.

Thank you so much for reading. Give me a follow for more. Like and share if you found this useful.

Stay safe and always eat healthy.

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Nigerian Shombo Tatashe


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