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If you were given these cakes to eat, will you eat them?

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Welcome back my beloved readers today I will be sharing with you very weird cakes ,you may never want to eat.

Cakes are treats used for celebration of birthday, ceremonies, weddings, occasions etc, to show sweetness, colourfulness and joy. But nowadays people are taking making and designing of cakes to another level, scary levels ,please take a look at all these cakes if you were asked to eat them ,will you? Drop your opinions in the comments section .thanks.......

These cakes are really very weird, scary and horrifying, but it tastes better than it looks .No matter how many designs are given to cakes to make it look horrible, just don't be afraid all cakes are made with floor, butter and sugar. For me I will be able to eat any kind of cake, how about you, please leave a comment.

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