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5 delicious Nigerian soups many people did not know about

Nigeria is a country where soups are valued. Nigeria tribes are blessed with different soups and delicacies that are mouthwatering. However, there are some soups that are very popular throughout the country. The popular soups are widely eaten by various tribes of the country, soups like ogbono, egusi and vegetable soup are good examples. 

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But it is surprising that many soups are just eaten only in some places where it is originated, but not known in other areas. In this article, we will show you few of the soups that are not widely eaten in Nigeria.

1. Pawpaw soup 

This is a popular soup among the Tiv tribe of Nigeria. Pawpaw is a delicious fruit with many nutritional and health values. Unfortunately, many people did not know that this soup exist.

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2. Fisherman soup

This is a delicious soup that originated in the south south region of Nigeria. The soup is made of fish and other sea creatures. But this soup may not be available in places that are not riverine area because of the absence of its ingredients in such places.

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3. Okoho soup

This is a Nigerian draw soup that originated from Idoma tribe of Benue state. The okoho stick is the main ingredient used in preparing the soup. Perhaps the soup is prepared only where the okoho sticks are available but many people didn't know about the soup.

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4. Isapa soup

This soup is native to the Ekiti state of Nigeria. White roselle flower also known as 'isapa funfun' is used to prepare the fantastic soup.

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5. Cocoyam soup 

This Nigerian soup is very delicious, it originated from the south eastern Nigeria and is prepared with cocoyam. Have you tasted this great soup?

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You can contribute to the list by telling us the soup in your environment that many people did not know about. Thanks for reading!

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