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Hey Cake Lovers, Check out these 24 Beautiful and Unique 3D Cake Designs.

The days of plain old butter cream icing on cakes or plain fondant or royal icing designs are long past. Cakes these days are more of a great and distinct work of art.

I say this because cakes these days are often made in form of various objects, each of them having unique relevance to the celebrant or the occasion being celebrated.

These days we are even seeing cakes that are used to tell explicit and interesting stories.

Another thing is that these cakes are sometimes too good to be true.

These all goes to show that creativity is the driving force of our days and the pastry industry especially cake bakers or makers are not left out as these cakes show nothing less than pure creativity.

Here are 21 others of these unique cakes selected for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure not to salivate.

Which is your favorite?

Here you go guys, What do you think about these amazing cakes?

Is this something your cake plug can pull off?

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Content created and supplied by: Hannahobasi16 (via Opera News )


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