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Stop Calling this Meat "Towel" This is the Correct Name

Do you know that the cow meat many of us grew up to call "Towel" is not actually it's correct name? I am certain many of us don't know yet and that's why we are going to have a look at the right name that many of us are oblivious about.

If you are the type of person that desires to be learned and not sound like an illiterate even though you're educated, you will appreciate the information contained in this piece. Just sit tight, sip your wine and enjoy the article while still learning something you probably didn't know prior to clicking this article.

The cow meat we have given a very wrong name is really or correctly known as Beef Tripe. The real name is Tripe though many call it Beef Tripe because it's gotten from the muscle walls of the stomachs of cow. Beef Tripe is one of the most eaten varieties in most areas and also very delicious.

Most people use it for the preparation of pepper soup, some use it for preparation of soup and stew but generally, it is not Towel as we all know. The right name is "Beef Tripe". Incase you didn't know before, I believe you have gained the right knowledge and would be kind enough to share to friends that you think are still ignorant of this.

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Beef Tripe Tripe


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