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7 Popular foods we've been eating incorrectly the whole time.

Forget the way you were thaught to eat some things, these is actually the right way to eat some foods, we have been taking throughout our lives, it may sound a bit odd or stressful but, when you follow procedures like this you may enjoy your meal in a better way.

Although some of the food hear might not be popular in Nigeria like the Avocado but there is still a fruit here that is to be eaten the way Avocado should be.

Here are about seven very popular foods that we have been eating wrongly the whole time, number one is even used almost everyday in an average household.

1. Tomatoes or Cherry Tomatoes.

Squeeze the tomatoes in between two plates and slice through gently with a knife

2. Tangerines.

This person that did this must be a professional.

Clearly we are not sure if these is the right way to eat a Tangerine but we are sure that this is a more smart and civilized way to do so.

3. Avocados.

You eat Avocados or Pear with a spoon.

4. Watermelons.

To make eating Watermelons a lot easier, all you have to do is slice the end of each corner.

5. Cake.

For cake instead of cutting the cake into proportions, cut out the middle of the cake so it won't get dry or hard that way.

6. Ice Cream.

If you don't what your ice cream to melt down from the cone, just put in some marshmallows inside the ice cream cone and you would enjoy it better.

7. Lime.

Slice the lime and squeeze the juice out of it by using the methods above.

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