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How to make butter bread using your stove and pot

Bread is a popular staple food,eaten by almost every one. It is mainly used as breakfast, accompanied with tea, Cocoa, pap or soup.

The common ingredients used in making bread are flour,yeast and water, and it is usually prepared via baking method.

We would be looking at how to make bread without oven and eggs.


Milk powder (1/4 cup)

Salt (a very little amount)

Sugar 1/2 teaspoon

Flour (2.5 cups)

Yeast (3 tablespoon)

Vegetable oil ( 5 teaspoon)

Cold liquid milk

Luke warm water ( 1 cup)


In a clean bowl add milk powder, sugar and yeast,mix properly.

After mixing add Luke warm water and stir properly.

Add your flour and salt, and mix the dough properly.

On a clean flat surface, sprinkle some flour, place the dough on it, and begin to knead.

Add 3 tablespoon of oil and continue kneading, keep adding the oil little by little while kneading, continue kneading for 20mins,once it gets to 20mins,it becomes stretchy.

Once it has become stretched, use your hands to roll it to the shape of a ball, and put it in a bowl., apply some oil on it.

Cover the bowl with transparent nylon and leave in a warm place for 1 hour, for it to rise.

After an hour,the dough would have risen and become double it's size.

Take it out of the bowl and knead again for 5 mins. Once you done kneading for 5 mins, with your hands, stretch it out for it to look flat and even.

When you have streched it out, and it becomes flat, use your hands to roll it (like when you are rolling a paper)and press the seam.

Transfer it to a greased loaf pan,cover it with a transparent nylon, keep it in a warm place for 30mins.

After 30 minutes the dough would have risen again, with a brush, brush some cold milk on it.

On the stove,put a big pot,put a wire stand and cover, make sure the cover you use does not have a hole.

Allow the pot to heat up on medium flame for 10mintues, after 10mintues, place your greased pan,with the dough on it,in the pan on top of the wire stand.

Allow to cook on low flame for 40mintues, after minutes,use a clean sharp stick to gently Pierce into it, to see if it has cooked inside.

Once you are sure it has cooked inside, bring it out of the pot. With a brush apply some butter on it.

Cover it with a wet clean clothes and let it cool off.And there you have it, your bread without egg and an oven is made.

Content created and supplied by: Spicy14 (via Opera News )

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