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Rice And Beans With a Big Frog On It Got People Talking On Facebook

What! Is this is not a frog(konko) on this beautiful rice and beans? This is irritating if I may say. Lol

Is there no fish,ponmo and meat in the market? Is there not egg or crayfish? I'm asking all of this questions when I come accrossed this on Facebook.

The frog is so big and tall! The hands was up like someone praising someone. Kikikikikiki

Joke apart, what's the joy in eating this reptiles? Is frog to be eating? Why is it that people can eat whatever crossed there part?

We should be mindful of whatever that goes into our system. I'm still wondering why people eat this. It freaked me out mere seeing it. Some were busy saying under the post that the frog is sweet and goes well with egusi soup and vegetables. Ahhhhhh!

Is there any tribe in love with it and have you ever tasted it? How does it taste?

Comment and let the fun begin! Happy new week to you all

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Kikikikikiki Joke Lol Rice And Beans


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