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Bitter Vegetables That Are Good For Your Health

Although most people are aware of how nutritious vegetables are, not all vegetables are bitter. In truth, when cooked, the majority of veggies typically taste good. This post will show you several bitter veggies that are healthy for the body, according to Healthline.

1. Bitter melon

This vegetable is distinguished for its bitter flavor. Phytochemicals such polyphenols, flavonoids, and terpenoids are abundant in bitter melon. All of which contributes to slowing the spread of some malignancies. According to data retrieved from Healthline, bitter melon can aid in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

2. Bitter leaf.

In Nigeria, bitter leaf is a typical vegetable. It also tastes unpleasant and offers a host of health advantages. It is suggested that you routinely take it, especially if you have been told that you have diabetes since its bitter juice can help you to control your diabetes.

3. Neem leaves.

Although though they aren't really vegetables, neem leaves, also known as dogoyaro, are prized for their bitter flavor. This vegetable contains certain compounds that are known to lower blood sugar levels. You can consume this vegetable by blending it and consuming the juice, for example.

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