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Don't Ever Underate Chilli Peppers, See The Wonders They Can Do To The Body

Chili peppers (Capsicum annuum) are the fruits of Capsicum pepper plants, notable for their peppery taste.

Chili peppers locally known as bawa, are used in cooking our local soups and dishes. They maybe small and peppery but their benefits to our health is immeasurable.

Nutritional Facts About Chilli Peppers

Chilii pepper contains some carbohydrates, small amount of proteins and fibres. Chili pepper are also rich in vitamins A,E and C and minerals.

Chili pepper are rich in pytochemicals and other unique plant compounds that are beneficial for health.

The Wondrous Benefits Of Chilli Peppers

1. Chili pepper helps to relieve body pain and heartburn, if taken in meals daily.

2. Chilli pepper also help to fight obesity. 

Capsaicin, a major compound which is responsible for the hot flavours, can help by increasing fat burning and reducing appetite. This way, taking chili peppers in your meals plus other productive lifestyles and health strategies will help keep obesity in check.

3. Capsanthin, a carotenoid present in red chilli peppers, have anti-oxidant properties which may be helpful in fighting cancer cells, and cells of alzheimer's disease.

4. Ferulic acid,sinapic acid all have anti-oxidants properties which helps to fight against cells of chronic diseases.

5. Lutein, which is found in green chili pepper helps to improve vision.

6. Chilli Peppers contain the most natural form of vitamin E which is used in treating heart-related diseases and stroke.

So, eating chilli peppers in your meal might reduce the chance or even prevent you from getting an heart attack.

Side effects of taking too much of chilli peppers.

When you take chilli peppers in excessive amount in your food, you might experience stomach discomfort, burning mouth and skin irritation.

As we discussed earlier, chilli peppers contain caspacin, when you consume excessive amount of it, you are liable to experience gastric irritation.

Moderation is the key to healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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