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Improve the way you make your moi-moi by learning how to prepare Beans and plantain moi-moi

 Ingredients that is used

Tatashe or shombo, 2 tablespoons of blended Crayfish, Boiled egg or Mackerel Fish, Salt to taste, vegetable oil, Seasoning cubes, Chicken stock, warm water, some cups of peeled brown beans (you can use even white beans), small over ripe plantains, big Onion, Fresh pepper to your preference.

Easy steps on how to prepare it

Step 1: Mix your washed and peeled beans and over ripe plantains together

Step 2: add onions, fresh pepper, tatashe and stir until smooth

Step 3: Put in a bowl and mix with warm chicken broth or warm water

Step 4: add ground crayfish, spice cubes and salt to taste

Step 5: add a protein of your choice (boiled egg or mackerel fish)

Step 6: add vegetable oil and mix until everything is well blended. Then scoop into containers (you can use sheets for wrapping, foil sheet or any Moimoi container)

Step 7: Steam for about 30-45 minutes or until it sets and your delicious beans and plantain moimoi are done.

Your Moi Moi is now ready and can be eaten with either bread or Pap.

Content created and supplied by: UkamAjah (via Opera News )

Crayfish Mackerel Onion Tatashe


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