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Steps on how to prepare a local Nigeria cake

Today is Semo cake

There are many steps on preparing cakes most especially as a student when in the higher institution, it is not only all the rice and beans or other foodstuffs you just eat. Now when you feel like making a cake like beans cake called "Akara" you might be thinking on how to get it or there will be too much stress but there is no problem if you try "semo akara"

Materials needed to make "semo akara" ;

1. You get a semovita or semolina for preparation

2. You buy like 3 eggs or if it is you that want it to be for friends or family member then you might buy at least 6 eggs

3. You know what to do, you get a groundnut oil let half bottle of groundnut oil

4. Then you either get your grounded pepper ( ata gun gun) or get your pepper ( ata rodo)

5. Get your Maggi and salt and your spoon and so on

6. Then pick up your fry pan

Steps on how to cook the "semo akara";

1. Pick up your fry pan and place it to the Gas cooker or stove any one you are using

2. Take your semo if you guys are more than 6 then you pull at least 9 cups of semo

3. Then add water to the semo not much water I say so that the egg can be able to stand

4. Put the groundnuts oil in the fry pan so as to make the akara well ready before putting it

5. Add the eggs to the semo then steel very well coz you know that egg will make it add so steel harder.

Enjoying this right

6. After steeling the semo with the egg you add onions I forgot to say that one in the materials needed. Add the onions to the groundnuts oil on the fry pan not to the semo

7. Then steel again for 2 minutes after that your oil is ready to fry

8. Add your semo just like the beans cake to the oil on fire 🔥

9. Continue doing that and remember to add salt for the sweetness to show

10. Then you are done

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Content created and supplied by: Lilsam333 (via Opera News )

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