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How To Prepare Your Delicious Yam Porridge And Garnish It With Vegetable

Yam porridge is one of the delicious meals in Africa and it can also be referred to as yam soup.

This Article is about how to prepare delicious Yam porridge and garnish it with vegetable. The ingredients needed to prepare delicious yam porridge is,

1. Grounded pepper

2. Red oil

3. Maggi and salt

4. Vegetable

5. Yam

6. Cray fish

As you can see the ingredients needed to prepare yam porridge in the picture above, now below is how to prepare it.

1. Peel, wash and cut the yam into small size in a pot like the picture below.

2. Switch on your stove or gas cooker, then put the pot on fire with the Yam inside and add the ingredients which is "pepper, red oil, cray fish, maggi and salt".

3. Let the Yam porridge to boil for like 30mins, then used something to turn it together.

4. After you've turn it together, garnish it with the vegetable. If you are a type of people who don't like to much vegetable, put little vegetable in the Yam porridge like the picture below.

And if you are a type of people who like too much vegetable in Yam porridge, add too much vegetable in the Yam porridge like the picture below.

5. Turn the Yam porridge and the Vegetable together and ready to serve like the image below.

Kindly follow up for more update on how to prepare delicious meals and don't forget drop your opinion about this Article via the comment box.

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