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See How To Prepare Boli (Roasted Plantain) At Home

See How To Prepare Boli (Roasted Plantain)  At Home 

Boli or Bole (Nigerian roasted plantain) is a delicious and filling street snack. Boli is a very popular Nigerian roasted plantain, it is a delicious street snack. This special delicacy is found in every city of Nigeria. The name Boli was originated from the Yoruba language and it later became the generally accepted name for this special delicacy. You can either refer to it as Boli or Bole.

It is popular as a snack for students and low-income earners, but If you are a Nigerian, you would agree with me that when it comes to Boli, there is no class. simply pure enjoyment.

Eventhough this yummy snack got its popularity on the street, it can also be prepared at home, in an oven, or on an open grill.

Boli is usually enjoyed with roasted groundnuts (peanuts), grilled fish, or pepper sauce. Here’s how to prepare it.

Do you love plantain?

 Apart from frying and boiling, here is another way to enjoy plantain. It’s even healthier preparing it this way toa o.


1. 3 ripe Plantains 


1. Preheat your oven. Rinse and peel Plantain. Make not too deep incision to enable it to roast well and faster. Arrange in baking pan and place in the oven

2. Flip and cover again. Be careful when flipping because it will be soft to touch. It will be very firm once it's done. Enjoy 

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