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Do You Love Amala? See How To Make Smooth And Lump Free Amala Or Yam Flour In Few Easy Steps

Amala or Yam Flour is a type of Flour that is produced by grinding Dried Yams or Unripe Plantain into Powder. This delicacy is very popular in Nigeria and other Countries and it can be enjoyed with several soups such as Egusi Soup, Ewedu, Stew and many more. Although Yam Flour is very famous in Nigeria, most people prefer buying it because they believe that it is very stressful to make. In this article, I will be showing you how to make this meal at home without lumps.

List Of Ingredients Required

Yam or Plantain Flour

Ground Nut Oil





See Method Of Preparation Below

Step One

Pour water into a pot and place it on your stove top and leave to cook for ten minutes or until the water is very hot.

Step Two

Measure that quantity of Yam Flour that you need.

Step Three

Scoop out some hot water from the pot and set aside, then lower the heat of your gas cooker and start pouring in the yam flour in smaller quantities, make sure you are stirring at the same time with a laddle so that it doesn't come out with lumps.

Step Four

Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth and thick then add some warm water and stir until it blends together in a uniform texture.

Step Five

When it is well coagulated, add some warm water, depending on how soft you want it to be, cover to simmer for some minutes.

Step Six

Your yam flour is ready to enjoy, serve and enjoy with any soup of your choice.

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