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Best recipes for the preparation of Banga soup

Hello dear readers, good afternoon. Today I'll be teaching us how to prepare a very special soup, with some recipes. Although this tutorial will only encompass the recipes for preparing the soup.

In our next tutorial, I will teach us how to prepare the Banga soup with these given recipes

Banga soup is a very popular soup in the eastern parts of Nigeria.

Recipes for preparing Banga soup /Ofe Aku

tinned Palm Fruit Concentrate or raw one, which is to be cooked and extracted.


Dry fish

scent leave for Ofe Akwu

Although, Delta-style Banga Soup is prepared with bitter leaf instead of scent leaves.

Big size onion bulbs

Ground crayfish

Salt to taste

chilli pepper

Ogiri Okpei (Iru, as pronounced by Yorubas)

stock cubes

Seasoning cubes

Those are the major ingredients needed to be on ground, before planning to prepare Banga soup.

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