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See How To Prepare Nigerian "Okra Soup" With Just N1000

Okra soup is a Nigerian popular food delicacy, mainly of Nigeria and some parts of West Africa. it is prepared using Okra and some other vegetables.

Some people make use of quite a large money in preparing it in large quantities, but this article is here to guide you to make use of just N1000 in preparing it.

See details of how to prepare it below.


1. 5 Cups of Okra (250g) - N200

2. 2 cooking spoon red palm oil - N50

3. Assorted beef - N400

4. Fish (dry fish, smoked fish or stockfish) - N200

4. 1 handful crayfish - N50

5. Salt, Maggi, and pepper to taste

6. Vegetable (Nigerian Pumpkin leaf or spinach) - N100

7. Onion (optional)

See the steps below;

1. Watch and cut the beef to required sizes

2. Watch and slice the okra (the width of a slice should not be very small)

3. Watch and cut the vegetable (pumpkin or spinach)

4. Put the cut beef in a pot and cook, add spices (Maggi, Pepper, onion, and salt)

5. Watch the fish and add to the pot, leave the pot for about 25 minutes to boil

6. Add 2 cooking spoon full of oil to the pot and leave for 10 minutes

7. Add the sliced okra into the pot, leave for 5 minutes.

8. Add the watched and cut vegetables into the pot, simmer for 5 minutes and your food is done.

Note that the soup can be eaten with various fufu recipes ranging from pounded cassava, pounded yam, Amala, and so on.

Your soup will have a look like a picture below after preparing;

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