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Are You Having Cough During This Raining Season? Pineapple Can Help Reduce It.

pineapples are some of the most appreciated tropical fruits in the world.

Pineapple The unique flavour of pineapple is a fabulous choice when you want to spruce up your juice!

They are juicy,acidic but still sweet,delicious,

nutritious and more healthy than you might think.

They are loaded with vitamin C,vitamin A,as well as calcium and fibers and this makes it pretty obvious why you should include pineapple in your diet a soften as possible. Being so rich in vitamin C, eating pineapple boosts your immune system and helps your body fight against colds and coughs,even when they are already .

Drinking pineapple juice helps soothe a sore throat and aids the body to expel mucous easily.

The (bromelain) present in pineapple also helps to calm cough arising due to the cold.

In addition to vitamin C, in pineapple also antioxidant known for suppressing coughs and also for helping digestion .


if you are trying to recover from a cold,keep in mind that pineapple can help you achieve that faster.

So next time you have cold much sure you include pineapple in your diet.

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