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Recipe to prepare Ofe Onugbu easily at home

Ofe Onugbu is one Nigerian soup native to the eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbos eat this food with a traditional clay plate, one reason this soup is unique is that it is made directly from palm kernel, a fruit which the palm oil is gotten from.

If you want to cook the Ofe onugbu soup, get this ingredients below:

Fresh Palm kernel

Seasoning cubes



Locust beans


Cray fish

Bitter leaves




Stock fish

Smoked fish

Directions to prepare:

Put the raw palm kernel in a pot, fully immerse it in water and boil

Boil the coco yam

Wash the vegetables

Use a small mortar and pestle to marsh the boiled palm kernel

When the shafts are out

Sieve the mixture to extract the oil

 Put the palm kernel oil in a pot and boil for about 15 minute

Add mashed cocoyam to the oil and stir

Add the whole ingredients except the periwinkle and bitter leaf

Cook with the whole ingredients for 15 minutes and add the periwinkle

Wash and squeeze out the bitter juice of the bitter leaf

Add it to the soup 

And cook for 10 minutes and the soup is done

Serve with any swallow food you like

Note: the main constraint to cooking this delicacy is getting raw palm kernel in a city.

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