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Enough Of Bread And Swallows, Check Out 10+ Food Ideas You Can Use To Break Your Fast

It's the Ramadan period; the time of fasting. Be it Christains or Muslims fasting, fasting is a difficult task especially for foodies like me who can't stop checking the clock to know when it's eating time.

It has become a norm for us to break our fast with regular bread and tea; some say it's to open up the system or eat swallows with the myth that it'll satisfy us and give us an edge over hunger.

Now, that's boring, there are lotta foods you could use to break your fast, that are very satisfying and nutritious. Dear readers, keep scrolling as I uncover top food ideas to break your next fast.

1. Water

The first thing you should take after breaking a fast is water.

Water is essential during fasting to prevent dehydration, it also helps flush the system, keep the body stabilized and effective during this period. 

2. Eat Fruits

It's time to go for fruits. Take fruits like watermelon, bananas and apples.

Apples help regulate and stimulate blood sugar in the body. Watermelon is also an energy giving fruit. 

Banana lowers blood pressure, and in turn helps improving the health of your heart.

Now it's time to go to the main dishes, what can I eat apart from bread and swallows. Let's get started

Beans and fried plaintain

Beans is a common Nigerian delicacy. Beans are high in protein, fat free and contain more fiber than most other foods. The amount of protein in beans helps to build up lost tissue, something that could arise during fasting.

It's best combined with fried plaintain, yams or potatoes for satisfaction.

Akara and Custard

Here's another nutritious food idea, use this delicious meal to break your fast and you'll be so filled.

Rice and vegetables

It's time for some carbs and vegetables. Vegetables are one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. They are medicinal in nature they help in repair and building body tissues which might have been lost during fasting.

So enjoy this meal and it's benefits after your fasting period.

Jollof Spaghetti

This is another delicious and satisfying meal you can use to break your fast.

Well spiced with fish, ponmo, beef, shrimps or any of your choice.

Yam Porridge

Oh, how would I make a list without yams!! Never miss the opportunity of enjoying a hot plate of porridge after your fast. It's so satisfying and help you stay less hungry.

Boiled Plantain And Vegetables

For those who diet or are watching their weight, this is a highly nutritious combination. You can't eat this and not be filled, you'll also get to enjoy it's nutritional benefits which will aid your fasting.

Jollof rice and beef

I can't end this list without our African giant food; Jollof Rice!!. I know some would have been wondering, so no jollof rice?

Don't worry I can't exclude that, it's a very satisfying and delicious dish. You can spice it up or make it more filling by adding beans to it's preparation.

So, guys you now got a list to chose from. Let's discuss in the comments section. How do you manage your fasting periods? What food do you use to break your fast? Do you find my list helpful?

C'mon let's talk about this in the comments section and don't forget to like and share this article across all social media platforms.

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Bread And Swallows Enough Of Muslims Ramadan


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