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Are You Feeling Moody? See 6 Foods That Could Help You Improve Your Mood.

It's no news that eating a healthy diet can automatically make us happy, but the truth is that no amount of balanced diet can make you happy if you had a bad day. There are times you see a plate of pounded yam and vegetables, and still won't be happy to take it.

So, this post contains six(6) foods that could improve your mood. Read and Enjoy!

1. Eggs.

Everybody loves eating eggs, whether it's fried, boiled or scrambled. They are a good source of protein that is needed by the body for maintaining and building of muscles. Did you know that this food is also a source of vitamin D? This vitamin D is a vital nutrient that helps in the prevention of colds, coughs, and maintaining the immune system. Beyond this, eating foods that are sufficient in vitamin D can assist in holding off any form of unhappy thoughts.

2. Bananas.

Bananas are known for their great amount of potassium, and this mineral plays a vital role in reducing the chances of having arthritis, strokes, and even a running heart rate. Aside from potassium, bananas also have sufficient amount of vitamin B. Note that vitamin B is also connected to lowering sadness.

3. Berries.

The presence of anthocyanins in berries helps in reducing the rate of depression and inflammation in the body.

Whether it's blackberries or strawberries, or any other type of berry, these spirit lifting fruits also assist in battling aging (although they have some contain some antioxidants that could harm the skin).

4. Pastas (Spaghetti).

This food will not only lift your spirits but also your energy level. Although pastas contain a small quantity of fat, they are very sufficient in Carbohydrates that produces serotonin as well as make us full.

Note that when you take pastas made from whole-wheat, endorphins will be boosted and this in turn releases vitamin B into the body.

Recall from point 2 that vitamin B can also help in lowering sadness.

5. Coffee.

Did you know that the elements present in a cup of coffee could lift your spirit throughout a whole day? And this high spirit can help you in making great decisions. Coffees are highly sufficient in serotonin and dopamine which can help you relief depression or bad mood when present in the body.

6. Dark Chocolate.

The truth is that mere thinking of chocolates makes a lot of us happy. But beyond this happiness, chocolate are embodied with some antioxidants like magnesium that causes increase in body circulation and relaxation of blood pressure. Furthermore, chocolates can also help in reducing tiredness, and negative vibes.

So, chocolates can be eaten two or three times in a week.

Thanks for reading.

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