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The Dignity Of Akara Oku (Bean cake)

The other day I read a post of someone making a motivational statement about 'positioning'. The poster mentioned that ever since puff-puff has been associated with small chops, that the price (and in turn, size) of puff-puff has increased. He mentioned that akara remains the same because it has agege bread as its companion, and finally said who you associate with matters because your circle determines your worth. I kind of saw a sense in it and tried to copy to share, but gave it a second thought. I realized his assertion isn't actually accurate. Akara has dignity, it has worth! 

Akara is more garnished than puff-puff, such decorations are so cool that you will think Akara got schooled in Harvard. Akara can go with many foods, not just agege bread, but the best of breads. Mention pap, custard, oat, tea, yogurt, fried yam, fried plantain, fried sweet potato, and so on. 

Akara has also walked into high places like puff-puff but the reach of Akara is even wider. Akara is the man of the people. More people eat it than they eat puff-puff. Puff-puff goes like snack, Akara goes like food, most of the time. 

So, with this, we can say that, yes, you can be local and make awesome impact. You can be local and have strong circles backing you in high places. Like Akara, you can start from the slum and end up in palaces and the mansions of the wealthy. Like Akara, you can be garnished to look cuter than your local image. Like Akara, you can be a man or woman of the people. Like Akara, you can be dignified.

Akara Oku should not be compared with other snacks because its not just a snack but most people's breakfast and dinner.

Some respects should be accorded to Akara because it has been saving Lives from time immemorial

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